Like most players, when I started playing poker online a few years ago, I knew nothing about Rakeback. I saw an advertisement for a poker room, clicked a link, I liked what I saw and registered. A few months later, I came across an article about Rakeback and found that I was losing hundreds of dollars every month. As you can imagine, I was not very happy.

 So why didn’t my poker room tell me about Rakeback?

The simple reason is profit. Paying Rakeback reduces house profits. In this case, you may wonder why they offer Rakeback, especially if they are not going to be honest about this. This is because Rakeback is a marketing tool. You see, poker rooms get their members from two main sources. The first is direct links. These members find the site by word of mouth, through marketing materials or marketing campaigns created by the poker room. That is how most people first find a judi poker online site, the unfortunate masses who eventually learn about Rakeback the hard way after many months of playing.

 Besides, participants can be created by affiliates of the poker room. Affiliates are people who are enrolled on a site to send Internet traffic. Affiliates, for their part, come in two flavors. Some affiliates simply send traffic to the site without offering pocket incentives for people to join. They simply advertise everything the room itself has to offer. Then some affiliates provide potential members with additional benefits for registering through their account. These benefits may include free tournaments, merchandise, free bankrolls and/or trackbacks. All of these incentives are paid directly by the partner. In turn, poker rooms compensate partners by paying them a commission for each new player they send. This commission is a direct cash payment for each new member who joins the site, or a continuous percentage of the rake generated by the player. Of course, this reduces the profit margin of the room and, as such, they would prefer that each player come directly to their site.

 What is Rakeback?

In essence, Rakeback is a marketing tool used by the most generous affiliates to attract players to the poker room. These partners earn less, since paying Rakeback significantly reduces their winnings, as well as paying a partner reduces winnings in the poker room. But this makes poker players and smarter partners happier when they know that people who receive Rakeback usually play more often and are more profitable, which in turn benefits the long-term partner.

Increase the amount of your bankroll with poker Rakeback

But even among Rakeback providers, there are things worth paying attention to make sure you get the best deal. Yes, most partners will offer you the maximum Rakeback allowed by the poker room, but other areas can further increase your bankroll, for example, these are recommendations.